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State of Maine

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Great news! Our system has just received an upgrade. There are two additions which will have a positive impact on the providers. The first addition is we now have a field for phone extensions for Facility Users and Facility Administrators of our system.

The second addition is we can now enter a mailing address separate from the physical address of your facility. This will be beneficial if new information must be mailed to the correct address.


You can enter phone extensions for the Facility Administrators and Facility Users of our system. When you do this, you make it easier for us to contact you should we have questions or concerns regarding an applicant going forward. I’ve included below the step-by-step process for you to follow to enter the extensions:

1. Log into the system.

2.Once logged in, on the sub-menu screen on the left, select Manage Users:

3. In the Search box of the Manage Users window, enter the users First Name OR Last Name OR User ID; click Search:

4. Once you click Search, that user will be populated in the window; click the Edit button:

5. This will take you into the Users information. Once there, enter the phone extension in the field provided, then click Submit (you may have to click in the white space beside the Submit button to make it available):

If you would rather, we can enter the phone extensions for you – just email us the phone number, extension number and the person and facility it is for.

Employers and providers can now run a Payment Report whenever it is wanted or needed. After you log in, just look at the sub-menus on the left side of your screen. You will see Reports. Click on that; one of the report options will be Payment Report:

You select the time-line you want for the report, and you can download the results to an Excel file so you can manipulate the data however you need to.


This report will only have access to the facilities that you are attached to.  For example, if you work for a company with 30 facilities and you are only attached to 10 of them, you will not see data from the other 20.

Hopefully you find these enhancements beneficial.


Mission Statement 

The mission of the Maine Background Check Center is to support quality, effective and safe health care and social services for vulnerable Maine citizens.  By developing and operating an all-inclusive, secure online background check system that encourages employer compliance, the MBCC will protect the health and safety of Maine’s vulnerable populations.


The Maine Background Check Center has been placed in the Division of Licensing and Certification within the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.